Lisa Palmer – Lead Vocals

Lisa has performed and recorded extensively with various band lineups and in various styles, most recently with RiffDance. Her powerful and lyrical voice, well suited to Rock’n’Roll, is a key feature of ‘Big Blue Rock’.  Lisa is resident of Leicester, UK.


Martin Irons – Songwriter, Guitar

Martin had worked with Lisa in various bands before they co-founded RiffDance. He left the UK to emigrate to Wollongong, Australia some years ago, but has kept in touch with Lisa and they have continued to work on projects such as ‘Big Blue Rock’. Martin describes himself as a hobby songwriter; he has had works broadcast on television and radio, as well as at public events. He contributed the guitar parts in the middle section of ‘Big Blue Rock”, which were recorded at Main Street Studios, Wollongong.


Tim Dutton – Guitar, music programming, arrangements

Tim is a trained jazz and classical guitarist, but is also able to turn his hand to many other styles including jazz, fusion and rock. Having toured the US, Australia and Asia with many acts, and instructing on, he is also a sought-after session guitarist – he has recorded on over 50 albums and hundreds of studio projects in recent years.  Tim is also a studio engineer and producer; he programmed/performed all of the music backing tracks including guitars on ‘Big Blue Rock’ at his home studio.  He resides in Wollongong, Australia.


Greg Tempest – Studio owner, engineer, producer

Greg recorded the vocal takes for ‘Big Blue Rock’. He operates ‘Greg’s Music Room’- a small, garage based studio in Mountsorrel near Leicester, UK which provides recording services for mostly acoustic duos and solo musicians. The studio is based around the Alesis Mastercontrol running Cakewalk Sonar X1 Studio, with mixing/mastering to Adobe Audition.

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Adam Jordan – Studio owner, engineer, producer

Adam is the proprietor of Main Street Studios, acknowledged as having the best recording facilities in the Wollongong region. First established in 1980, Main Street has been the studio of choice between Sydney and Canberra for artists that want quality recordings.  It has professionally designed acoustic rooms, a huge range of gear and a Solid State Logic E Series console. 

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‘Big Blue Rock’ was mixed and produced at Main Street Studios, with production by Adam Jordan, Tim Dutton and Martin Irons.


Mara - Artist

Mara created the Big Blue Rock 'globe' artwork. She has an MA from the Academy of Art in her native city of Novi Sad, located on the Danube in Serbia. See her Facebook page here.


Mzaidi - Artist

Mzaidi drew the 'Dodo' artwork. Mzaidi is a profesional graphic artist from Karachi in Pakistan. See his page here.


djAPE - Video Editor

djAPE is a composer, guitarist, web designer, video editor and music producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He created the awesome lyric video for 'Big Blue Rock. See his Facebook page here